Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations - Vadim Zeland Some time ago I decided that the religion I was born into (catholicism) is not exactly what I believe in, deep down. I can't say I moved far in my search for philosophy/religion that would suit me, but comparing to most of the stuff I've read, this book is the closest to my beliefs.
I can't accept the concept of an intelligent deity hanging somewhere above us, nor the idea of everything alive being nothing more than a bunch of cells working together.

This one, however, tells us that, basically, everything depends on the energy you put into doing and thinking, and balance between you and the world. Briefly speaking, if you struggle too much to gain something, the world will match your energy with the opposite to regain equilibrium. The book tries to give you a way to gain things without the world backfiring at you. As I myself experienced such things in the past, I can hardly disagree with this idea. There's of coure more to the book's philosophy, which I also found quite believable, but writing about it would be rewriting the book itself, so I'll leave it here.

If you have open mind and enjoy reading about different philosophies or you're looking for something alternative to religion, but can't quite bring yourself to completely abandon spirituality, try this.
Also, it doesn't sound like all this popular crap like "The Secret", as Transerfing actually tries to explain why exactly you are able to recieve good things from the world (or, why you fail at it).