The Vampire Lestat (Vampire Chronicles)

The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice I was somewhere between middle and high school, and craved for something dark. I've never read "The Interview", but seen the movie, so when I found a shelf in bookstore with Rice on it, I immediately reached for Lestat as the second in the series.
And it comepletely blowed my mind back then. I remember marvelling on how real and alive the characters felt to me. I couldn't believe that all that was a product of imagination of one person. I loved the richness of Lestat's character, with all its flaws, loved Marcus's background story, and how everything else was so logical, so believable. When I finally put down the book, I was nearly convinced such creatures really existed out there somewhere. Ii was amazing.

As I said, it was years ago, but that's how I remember this book and I couldn't give it less than five stars. Maybe, if I've read it now, I'd have different opinion on it. But one thing I know is true even now. Lestat was the first vampire I've read about and formed my idea about them. With today's vampire-themed-book overflow, that's something I deeply appreciate.